Saturday, March 11, 2017

EISA Skiers Put in Strong Performances on Home Snow at NCAA Championships

The 2017 NCAA Skiing Championships in Jackson, New Hampshire wrapped up on Saturday. The Championships which ran from March 8-11th, were hosted this year by the University of New Hampshire. Nordic races were hosted by the Jackson Touring Center and consisted of classic interval start races on Thursday, March 9th and freestyle mass start races on Saturday, March 11. On both days, many EISA skiers posted top results to cap off a successful reason of racing.

In the women’s 5k classic, it was Petra Hyncicova of the University of Colorado who won with a time of 14:55.5. EISA All-American performances included Alayna Sonnesyn (UVM) in 3rd place, Elizabeth Gill (UNH) in 9th place, and Lauren Jortberg (Dartmouth) in 10th place. UNH’s Katrin Larusson and Colby’s Olivia Amber placed 15th and 18th respectively.

In the men’s 10k classic, University of Utah’s Martin Bergstroem wo the race in 25:33. The lone EISA All-American was Ian Moore (UVM) with a 9th place finish. Several EISA skiers finished just outside the top-10 including Eli Honeig (Williams) in 11th, Fabian Stocek (Dartmouth) in 12th, Cully Brown (UVM) in 13th, Luke Brown (Dartmouth) in 14th, and Braden Becker (Williams) in 15th.

In the women’s 15k skate, Hyncicova earned her second national title of the week, winning the race in 39:21. Soon after, Sonnesyn crossed the line to become the national runner-up. Other EISA All-Americans included Elizabeth Gill in 9th and Hannah Miller (Bowdoin) in 10th. Jana Klaiber (UVM) finished 16th while Colby skiers Olivia Amber and Amy Bianco finished 18th and 19th respectively.

In the men’s 20k skate, Bergstroem also scored a double victory for the week with a winning time of 46:02. Two Dartmouth skiers earned All-American honors in Stocek and Luke Brown in 5th and 9th respectively. Other top EISA performances included Jordan Fields (Williams) in 12th, Zane Fields (Colby) in 13th, Eli Honeig (Williams) in 15th, and Callan Deline (Dartmouth) in 16th.

The University of Utah won the overall NCAA team competition with 541.5 points. Top EISA school finishes included Dartmouth College in 4th with 400 points and the University of Vermont in 5th with 355 points. The University of Vermont was the top EISA school for the Nordic competitions in 5th place as a team.

Friday, March 3, 2017

NCAA Championship Teams Named

 The Carnival season ended this past Saturday and for most athletes in the EISA their seasons have ended. However 16 men and 16 women will move on to represent their schools in the NCAA championships at Cannon Mountain. The top athletes from the Carnival season will compete against the RMISA circuit for the first time this season, on March 8-11.

All of Dartmouth’s men, Brian McLaughlin, Tanguy Nef and Tomas Woolson, qualified in the top five alongside Middlebury’s Robert Cone and the University of Vermont’s Will St. Germain.

The same tree schools took the top five women’s qualifying spots as well, with Middlebury’s Caroline Bartlett qualifying first followed by Paula Moltzan (UVM), Foreste Peterson (Dartmouth), Laurence St. Germain (UVM) and Alexa Dlouhy (Dartmouth).

Dartmouth and UVM are also is the only teams to qualify three men and three women and not surprisingly they hold 10 of 20 alternate positions. Sandy Vietze of UVM and Stephanie Currie of Dartmouth are unfortunately listed as first alternates because of the athlete limit, even though they both hold a 6-seed and 11-seed in each event.

A couple of athletes were able to solidify their NCAA bids in the very last Carnival of the season at Bats last weekend. Most Notably, Genevieve Frigon jettisoned in the NCAA ranking with her third place finish in Saturdays slalom and Bates College athlete Michael Cooper made it onto the championship team with a sixth place finish in the GS last Friday.

The full list of qualifies can be found below.

East Region – Men
Brian McLaughlin, Dartmouth College
Robert Cone, Middlebury College
William St-Germain, University of Vermont
Tanguy Nef, Dartmouth College
Thomas Woolson, Dartmouth College
Guillaume Grand, Saint Michael’s College
Gabriel Coulet, University of Vermont
Max Roeisland, University of Vermont
Colin Hayes, Middlebury College
Devon Cardamone, Middlebury College
Chris Steinke, University of New Hampshire
Karl Kuus, Plymouth State University
Fredrik Maurstad, Colby-Sawyer College
Mathias Grimsrud, Saint Michael’s College
Michael Boardman, Colby College
Michael Cooper, Bates College

East Region – Women
Caroline Bartlett, Middlebury College
Paula Moltzan, University of Vermont
Foreste Peterson, Dartmouth College
Laurence St.-Germain, University of Vermont
Alexa Dlouhy, Dartmouth College
Kelly Moore, Dartmouth College
Mardene Haskell, Colby College
Anna Willassen, Saint Michael’s College
Freydis Einardottir, Plymouth State University
Hannah Hunsaker, Williams College
Lisa Wedsjö, University of New Hampshire
Geneviéve Frigon, University of New Hampshire
Kelsey Chenoweth, Bates College
Madison Irwin, University of Vermont
Jackie Atkins, Middlebury College
Emma Woodhouse, University of New Hampshire

Thursday, March 2, 2017