Saturday, December 3, 2011

SnowHunter™ Alpine Edition

In between all-nighter cram sessions for finals and pounding caffeine in a last-ditch effort to boost team GPAs for the fall term, EISA alpine athletes are also in the hunt for snow back on their home coast this weekend. It's a lot like Midway's SpyHunter for NES, but with more ammunition and bigger oil slicks.

Bates is leading the charge with nearby Sunday River boasting 11 trails, 3 lifts, and 66 acres of open skiing. But when the resort's 'Photo of the Day' is still a solitary snow gun in December, it's time to do a serious dance.

Dartmouth is also braving the guns at Killington, but they'll have to do some creative maneuvering around the general public and advanced scavenger hunting to find all 18 open trails to which the mountain report lays claim. Do you think this counts as a run?

Middlebury is staying optimistic despite the less than ideal coverage under the lift at Killington. Rock skis, anyone?

Hit us up @eisaskiing on Twitter to let us know where the rest of y'all are finding the white stuff this weekend. Best of luck on final exams!