Monday, February 26, 2018

NCAA Championships Nordic Teams Named

After six weeks of racing, 13 women and 13 men be named to represent the East at the NCAA Championships in Steamboat Springs, CO. Races will take place March 7-10. Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

NCAA East Region Qualifiers - MEN: 
1. Zane Fields (CBC)
2. Luke Brown (DAR)
3. Peter Holmes (UNH)
4. Callan DeLine (DAR)
5. Peter Wolter (MID)
6. Sam Wood (MID)
7. Adam Luban (MID)
8. Finn O' Connell (UVM)
9. Cully Brown (UVM)
10. Juri Miosga (UVM)
11. Elliot Ketchel (BOW)
12. Gavin McEwan (DAR)
13. Braden Becker (WIL)

NCAA East Region Qualifiers - WOMEN: 
1. Alayna Sonnesyn (UVM)
2. Katharine Ogden (DAR)
3. Lauren Jortberg (DAR)
4. Lydia Blanchet (DAR)
5. Cate Brams (MID)
6. Lina Sutro (UVM)
7. Katie Feldman (MID)
8. Margie Freed (UVM)
9. Kaelyn Woods (BAT)
10. Nina Armstrong (HAR)
11. Renae Anderson (BOW)
12. Alexandra Lawson (MID)
13. Gabrielle Vandendries (BOW)

Stay Tuned this coming week for a 3 part Video Series called 'Road to Steamboat,' recapping the 2018 EISA seasons of some of the qualifying athletes and their thoughts going into NCAA's.