Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EISA Teams Make Final Preparations for Opening Races

The first Carnival of the season can be both exciting and daunting, and EISA teams all across the seaboard have spent the final week of the prep period getting their stoke on via a variety of creative measures. St. Lawrence ignited their competitive spirits at the Potsdam Village Diner to take on the Flapjack Attack as a team, where it was reported that Scott Houser and Ashley Kate Durham downed their massive pancakes in time to win some highly coveted t-shirts.

We're all a little surprised (and disappointed, quite frankly) that Graham tapped out. Really, what kind of example is that, buddy?

Not exactly sure if snowtubing skills relate in any way, shape, or form to an ability to shred the first EISA races of the season, but that didn't prevent UNH from taking a trip to the Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park for some rides down the chutes.

 Did you guys at least set up the Brower for timed runs?

And just when you thought you were having a bad day, somebody out there was having an even worse one... and Colton Hardy (UVM) was there to take a picture. If you haven't become a fan of his 'Jerry of the Day' shots yet, you're really missing out. This week, he captured the heartwrenching frustration of a coach searching through the garbage for some mistakenly discarded keys.

Ratchet searches for the keys (to success) in an unlikely place.

No matter how you're getting amped for Friday's opening day of races, be sure to bring your A-Game to Sunday River and Black Mountain. Complete event schedule available here.